Quality German Made Blinds
European quality window treatments supplier based in Auckland. Innovative window furnishings, associated with a functional design.

Plissee Blinds supply a range of high quality, attractive and cost-effective blinds across all of new Zealand.

Our quality blinds feature slim profiles, clear lines & design makes for an exceptional integration in your window system and showcases our outstanding and unique window products.

Contact Plissee Blinds for a free blinds measure and quote. We can cater for residential blinds, commercial blinds, and blinds for oddly-shaped windows.

Designer Felt Venetian Blinds

These new, exclusive and award-winning felt slat venetian blinds made from designer felt produced by Kadeco introduce style, warmth and comfort into a room.

These felt venetian blinds are combined with your choice of ladder tape, to also block out the direct sunlight for bedroom use if total blockout is not a must. The look, durability and functionality of our designer-felt venetian blinds are all impressive, in addition to excellent fade resistance (DIN EN ISO 105-B02: rating 6 out of 8).

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Silk Twin Effect Aluminium Blinds

Use Twin Effect aluminium venetian blinds to create harmonious plays of colour at the window in their Scandinavian-style smokey hues: in vibrant lilac, dusky pink, taupe right through to blue.

This visual highlight of these colourful metal venetian blinds is created by the different colouring on the front and back of the Venetian blind slats. The backs of the blinds are designed with a slightly lighter or darker shade from the same colour family so that when the slats are tilted, a lighter steel blue appears instead of a dark smokey blue.

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Balcony-Sliding & Folding Door Privacy Screen & Heat Protection Blind

The NEW and innovative Slim-rail system in honeycomb & pleated blinds for sliding or folding balcony doors and windows. These window and door blinds can assist with privacy, light filtering and thermal insulation while still allowing you to open your doors and windows.

  • Top-down and bottom-up blinds operation;Raise your blinds for privacy – raised blinds from below can significantly impact the range of what can be seen from street level or below while letting plenty of light in and with a clear view outside.
  • Blinds mounting options without screwing are available, with the clamp mount or adhesive fastening.
  • UV block fabric in many colours in light blackout & translucent.
  • Open your door without adjusting the blinds.
  • The blinds make a great match with curtains!


Motorised/Automated Blinds

Motorised electric blinds offer a great deal of freedom in terms of convenience, hard to reach windows or physical impairment.

Motorised battery-powered for the existing or hard to reach windows. The battery powered electric blinded are controlled by 12v motor by MOTIONS, via an external battery pack (charge cycle of up to 6 months) or via power pack.

Wired Technology 24v & 230v motors for the new build by SOMFY. For electronic pleated, honeycomb, venetians and roller blinds.

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Tilt & Turn Window Blinds/Passive House Blinds

Open and close your window without adjusting your blinds.Tensioned venetian blinds, honeycomb blinds or roller blinds keep the blind on the window when tilted on inward opening tilt & turn windows. Stop the (closed or lowered) blind from swaying in the draft or when the aircon is running. Blinds for tilt and turn windows offer an attractive and effective solution while also offering passive thermal insulation.

For passive house windows, UPVc windows, aluminium windows or wood windows, no drill mounting available, like clamp or adhesive mount.

  • Top-down and bottom-up blind operation available
  • Duo blind/day & night blind
  • Can also be used as campervan blinds or boat window blinds.

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Kids Room Blinds

To increase the safety of blinds around children, there are a number of blind safety features to choose from including cordless blinds or blinds with cord/chain breakaway functions.

  • Child safe cordless blinds, operated without pullcord or chain, for the very young.
  • Bottom up and top-down operated blinds for privacy, make great blinds to block the view from street level or below.
  • Child safety blinds with cord break for corded blinds.
  • Child-safe gear mechanism with chain breakaway function for chain operated blinds.
  • Choose from our range of bright colours and prints.
  • Motorised blinds option, for no tangling cord, or chain.

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Living Stripes

Customize your aluminium venetian blind to your style with the help of lots of design alternatives. Adapt our metal venetian blinds to suit your individual needs and interiors, with living stripes. Create lively accents with our Living Stripes Venetian blinds: 12 expressive patterns have been created by Kadeco designers to delight you with finely balanced changes of colour. Or create your own aluminium venetian blinds design.

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Oddly Shaped Windows?

Plissee Blinds offer numerous special shape blind layouts and configurations for honeycomb, pleated blinds and venetians, making these blinds ideal for diverse window types including odd shaped windows.

  • Pentagonal window blinds
  • Triangle window blinds
  • Quarter-circle blinds semi-circle blinds

Panoramic Blind Design

Panoramic window blinds for a better view outside, where pairs of slats in our wood venetian range are moved so they are directly underneath one another when the blind is opened to double the viewing gap.

Our six high-quality wood venetian ranges, KYOTO, NOLA, OXFORD, PORTLAND, CAPE TOW, and COPENHAGEN are made of strong but light weight hardwood or bamboo.

In homes that have and a natural, earthy feel to them & wooden elements like wooden furniture, floors or doors, real timber venetian blinds will make an extraordinary difference to your home.

If your home doesn’t fit this description, choose from our beautifully painted coloured slats.

Other Areas of Blinds Use

Plissee Blinds offer a range of window blinds and door blinds to fit a wide range of applications.

  • Outdoor/Pergola blinds
  • Sunroom blinds/wintergarden blinds
  • Rooflight blinds
  • Ceiling window blinds/skylight blinds
  • Motorisation available

Top-Down & Bottom-Up Honeycomb Blinds or Venetian Blinds for Absolute Privacy

Gain light privacy & view with honeycomb blinds and venetian blinds.

Even slightly raised blinds change the angle of what can be seen from the outside, while letting plenty of light in and with a clear view to the outside, making for an excellent privacy screen blinds, heat and UV repellent. With top-down and bottom-up blinds, you can maximise your own view as well as your privacy.

Duo Honeycomb blinds

Or also called day and night blinds, are ideal for bedrooms as they have a blackout and a translucent fabric in one blind system. Each section of the honeycomb blinds can be adjusted.

These cellular blinds are also available in top-down & bottom-up operation.

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Honeycomb Blind Fabrics

Honeycomb blinds are also known as accordion blinds, fulfill the same function as roller blinds but with many added benefits and features.

Honeycomb blinds are aesthetically pleasing; the linear shape of the blinds looks crisp and clean, their profile creates interesting shapes with tones of highlight and shade on the blinds themselves. These blind fabrics are highly regarded by Interior Designers, for both residential and commercial applications.

Air-pockets in between the blind pleats give them great insulating qualities, for those looking to maximise the passive insulation of their home. The practicality of cellular blinds and their look allow them to match well with curtains or net curtains.

We here at Plissee Blinds have many honeycomb blind colours & designer patterns to choose from. Blind fabrics are non-toxic, available in blackout and in different light transparencies and have many amazing fabric properties like thermal insulating, dust or dirt repellent, fire-retardant, moist room suitable, glare reduction and heat protection, ideal for the workstation/office.

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Environmental protection & health

Breathe Easy With Non-Toxic Fabric Blinds

We carry a huge range of non-toxic textiles and materials that comply with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100,the world’s leading product label for the measure of harmful substances in textiles of our German-made honeycomb, pleated blinds and roller blinds. Textiles that receive this certificate have been manufactured entirely without the use of regulated or harmful chemicals.

All our suppliers follow environmentally friendly shipping practices.